Why are Proteins Important for Hair?
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Why are Proteins Important for Hair?

Dec 30, 2022

Your body uses proteins to make tissue cells, including hair cells and your skin and nails. Around 80 to 85 percent of your hair is made up of a protein known as Keratin. Dietary proteins are made up of amino acids. These constitute the hair's main building blocks that create strong hair.

The amino acids can be classified into two types that are vital and non-essential. The body does not make essential amino acids. Therefore, they must be obtained through diet. The non-essential amino acids can be derived from food and produced by the body's organs from the amino acids that are essential to us.

Without enough protein, your hair will get brittle and break off before reaching its full length. This is among the reasons why those who eat a diet low in protein will often find that their hair doesn't increase beyond a certain size.

If you notice hair loss due to a low protein level, try not to be concerned because it's reversible and fairly easy to rectify by changing your food habits. There are a few awesome remedies as well. 

Protein-rich foods that are good sources of protein

The most effective sources of protein are eggs, fish, beans, tofu, quinoa, seitan, red meat, chicken, cheese, legumes, and nuts. Beware of cheese, but it may cause eczema and dandruff symptoms in some individuals and can take more than 2 hours for digestion.

What Do You Know When Your Hair is Deficient in Protein?

  1. You can wet one of your hair strands using water.
  2. Then, stretch it out gently and then let it go.
  3. If your hair's strands spring back to their length, then the hair is the ideal protein component.
  4. However, if your hair doesn't spring back or break when stretched it is possible to be able to identify a protein shortage.

Other indicators of protein deficiency in the hair are:

  1. High porosity
  2. Limp, flat, or stringy hair
  3. Dry and brittle hair that has split ends

Does Protein Help Hair Growth?

Keratin is indeed the main component in your hair. Therefore, it is the most important element in determining your hair's health and growth. Protein deficiency weakens hair and leads to breakage.

Here's how protein can benefit your hair:

  1. Protein reduces your hair porosity. Hair with pores is not uniform in gaps, making it prone to damage to hair. This is because various components, such as colors, pollutants,, and so on, are easily absorbed into gaps.
  2. A healthy amount of protein in your hair helps protect your hair from adverse side consequences of chemicals that could be in the hair dyes you use.
  3. Proteins ensure the strength and durability of your hair because it is the main building part of your hair. It's also crucial in the repair of damaged hair tissue.
  4. Shiny, thick, and bouncy hair is a sign of the necessary protein levels inside your hair.
Hair Damage Repair Treatments

The quickest solution for covering the inadequacy of protein in hair

There are many ways of enriching your hair with enough protein. Most of the experts talk about various food items because that is the most natural way, but keep in mind it's a long-term game.

If you want an instant solution for your weak hair, use Fuelup Hair Repair Protein Shampoo and Fuelup Nutrify Protein Hair Mask.

Let's talk about the Fuelup Nutrify Protein Hair Mask first.

Looking for a hair mask that will give your locks a boost of protein? Look no further than the Fuelup Nutrify Protein Hair Mask! This mask is packed with keratin and wheat protein, which work together to strengthen and repair the damage. In addition, the mask contains certain ingredients to hydrate and add shine. Plus, it's free of sulfates, parabens, and Artificial colors. So not only will your hair look and feel healthier, but it will also be better protected against future damage.

Further, Fuelup Hair Repair Protein Shampoo is again a solid remedy!

This shampoo contains a blend of proteins and minerals that work to fortify and strengthen hair follicles. In addition, the shampoo is infused with Vitamin E, which helps to nourish and protect the hair shaft. As a result, Fuelup Hair Repair Protein Shampoo can help to repair damage caused by heat styling, coloring, and environmental factors. Plus, it's gentle enough for daily use!

Why are Proteins Important for Hair: Big Benefits

Like muscles, hair requires protein to stay strong and healthy, particularly far away from the roots, which is where a steady supply of diet-based protein from the scalp isn't accessible. The hair's porous cell structure is extremely absorbent and can absorb extra protein from hair products without difficulty. This is why applying proteins externally such as Keratin can be beneficial.

Protein treatments bond hydrolyzed proteins directly to the hair. Dietary protein is vital to maintain healthy hair. However, an extra protein boost is almost always beneficial as well. Here are the top reasons:

1). They can strengthen hair (and could reduce hair loss)

By replenishing the protein loss at the root and follicle rows with protein, treatments help keep hair healthy and less prone to fall out.

Numerous studies have shown that products derived from marine proteins promote the growth of vellus and terminal hairs and increase the diameter of hair shafts and lessen the loss of hair. Meaning: They decreased hair loss, and they made it stronger.

Further research is required regarding this hair loss aspect. But it is true that this "protein-stronger hair" is a concept that has been repeated many times.

2). They offer protection against the effects of damage

Protein treatments can harden the layer that forms the cuticle of the hair. It's the outermost layer. They actually help your hair get stronger.

The increased protection doesn't come as an incredibly small resistance to damage. Studies found that a protein and poly carbohydrate-based treatment led to a significant resistance to chemical damage from bleaching and harsh dyes.

Damage to the hair's structure caused by chemical coloring and bleaching can be a major issue in case you aren't satisfied with the color the mom handed you. Protein products are an absolute must for anyone who is interested in coloring your hair, especially in the case of regs.

3). They assist in the repair of damaged hair

Proteins lost in damaged areas of the hair's structure are replaced by ones absorbed from your protein-rich shampoo, conditioner, treatment, mask, etc.

Studies like the one in this 2018 study on Recombinant Keratin K31 treatment revealed that the protein addition resulted in a massive increase in mechanical strength and also an increase in the diameter of strands by up to 49%.

If your hair has already been damaged, treatment with protein can aid.

4). They help improve hair elasticity.

Hair that's not elastic can snap instead of a stretch when pulled. In case you have left enough hair on the hairbrush to make a wig, this could be due to the hair not being elastic enough. Elasticity can be a major factor in hair styling.

According to this review from 2017, keratin protein treatments can be used for straightening hair. Keratin straightening refers to a particular product and procedure (protein shampoo will not ruin your curls, so don't fret). One method it uses is to increase the elasticity of treated hair. This means that the powerful chemical and pulling force straighten hair instead of breaking it.

It's often overlooked as a metric of hair health. However, insufficient elasticity may be a major reason behind hair loss. The improvement in elasticity is a major benefit of protein treatments and one that will be evident.

5). They help reduce breaks and split ends.

With increased strength, protection, and elasticity, the fact that protein treatments can significantly decrease breakages and split ends doesn't come as surprising. Regularly applying protein treatments keeps hair healthy, strong, and durable.

Weak, damaged, or unhealthy hair splits easily and is more prone to splitting. Hair needs protein to stop or repair split ends or breakages. Protein treatments can do just the right amount of protein.

6). They can improve the appearance of your hair in general

There's no question about it. Healthy hair is simply more attractive. It's not naive or shallow to acknowledge that we would like one of the most important characteristics of our hair to appear decent. Protein-rich hair products can help keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

Protein Treatments For Hair

Keratin treatments

Keratin treatments can be found in salons, and you are also able to purchase at-home treatment kits of different brands on the market. They require the external application of a keratin-based treatment on your hair after thorough washing. The solution replenishes your hair with the protein levels you require for a smooth and healthy appearance.


Reconstructors are specifically designed deep-conditioners with an appropriate balance of moisture and protein levels. They are a rich source of proteins and are vital in the treatment of extremely damaged hair that has been damaged caused by hair styling, perming, or chemical treatments.

How Long Will Protein Hair Treatment Last?

In the majority of cases, treatments for hair with protein could last from 3 to 12 months, depending on your hair's care after treatment. If, however, you run the hair through excessive heat during styling, the treatment could lose its efficacy.